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Sunday, March 11, 2012


The Weasel Basketball team drew a four-seed in the Big Dance this week, earning the right to play the "Ohio State" Bobcats.

Many know the Bobcats as "Ohio", but at the University in Michigan, "Ohio" is the team from Columbus.

Brady Hoke has been calling OSU "Ohio" since he crawled across the country on his belly to land his dream job. More recently, John Belein has been calling the Buckeyes "Ohio", as if he can't read the league stationery on his own desk. It's reported that the UM AD has informally ratified the practice of referring to the only conference team from the State of Ohio as, "Ohio".

So naturally, in UM lingo, their opponent this week is, indeed, "Ohio State". Pay close attention to all interviews with UM officials to track their use of the words "Ohio State" when describing the Bobcats.


  1. Just as this post hit my phone today, chUMps coach JB was being interviewed. Mike Stone asked him about the whole "Ohio" thing. JB brought into total clarity by explaining that his team would be facing The Ohio University in the first round, "which is distinctly different than Ohio", who just spanked them two days before.

  2. That is, without any doubt, the most LAME statement I've ever heard from a professional coach.

    They are so obsessed with themselves that the only way they can state the identity of their enemy is to frame it in the same verbal order as their own name.

    Consider his own schedule reality: Two consecutive games against the very two teams whose identities the weasels are verbally scrambling for reasons known only to themselves...and he still can't deal with saying their full name.

    Name any other situation in any sport in history where professional coaches have conspired to consistently mis-identify the name of a prominent opponent.

    They are clowns to be laughing at their own reflections in the mirror of their own minds.


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