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Friday, September 26, 2014


Homecoming festivities have been rolling along all week in Spartan Country, but the mood down south of here has been a bit more somber. Seems like every member of Weasel Nation has spent the last few days whining and crying, bitching and moaning about their floundering football team. Many are calling for their football coach(es) and Athletic Director to be burned at the stake, or at least fired. MSU and UM continue to be two different worlds.

Have you noticed the Blue Drama Queens urping-up all over themselves since their beloved rugby squad finally lost a non-conference game in the Big Hole? We don't need to recount their ramblings here, you can find it all over the Internet. Their fan-base is absolutely livid.

But has anybody considered the possibility that the Michigan Football team could still finish this season at 10-2? Doesn't seem likely, but like George Perles always said, "they all count one", and there are at least eight left to be played. Heck, these guys are only 2-2, not oh-and-a-million. They've had four winning seasons in a row. They played in bowl games the past few years. Many of their players go to class and eventually graduate. So what's their big problem?

The rub is that the Yellow Divas can't stand anything less than being deified, or at least glorified, every waking moment. They believe the world spins around them. They see themselves as a royal species of supra-humans, anointed by God to rule over the earth. They are shocked to think that anybody sees them as less than how they see themselves.

These attention-hogs are now using the Mainstream Michigan Media Machine (M-4) to convince everybody that the B1G Conference cannot be considered successful unless they - - - UM - - - are at the top of the league. They want people to want them. So badly. They'll do anything to make you think they are essential, and that the party can't go on without them.

Don't believe them, they aren't even "gone" yet. They have consecutive winning seasons, veterans at  coach and starting quarterback, and plenty of help from the league office when necessary. They are double-digit favorites to start the conference season with a home victory. So don't get caught up into their massive sob-stories about the glorious bygone eras and how we can only magically return to them with, um, "guess who" in the Top Ten.

Save your hankies for a worthy cause. Watch for the Wolverines to whip Minnesota, with multiple key players compiling gaudy statistics, winning by at least 17 points. Michigan will be 5-2 on October 25.

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