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Tuesday, July 16, 2013


One of those Michigan Wrestlers who prepared Molotov Cocktails  on National No-Title Night will face the music tomorrow.

Rosario Bruno will appear before Judge Archie Brown in Washtenaw County Trial Court on Wednesday afternoon.  Justin Dozier already confessed to the same crime last month and is awaiting sentencing in August.

Both are University of Michigan students on scholarship with the wrestling team, and both played prominent roles for Wolverine Wrestling last season. Each has wrestled in nearly three dozen matches, so they are not "walk-ons".

What's most surprising about this situation is that neither of the student-athletes was in one of the various University of Michigan libraries at the time, studying for exams or just for the pure love of learning. Instead, the two were bombing their own neighborhood.

The Michigan Mainstream Media Machine (M4) has tried to convince us that the reason athletes attend the University of Michigan is because of the strong academic programs offered there. According to M4, it's the great academic culture that draws in all of the best scholar-athletes. Something about these two guys does not remind me of a Rhodes Scholar.

Haven't heard of this story? Wondering if it's really true? Check out all of the links for proof. Consider how well-publicized the case would be if it happened in East Lansing with MSU athletes. Perhaps this represents the "Michigan Difference".

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  2. There is something all those chUMps seem to forget time and again when trying to convince anyone foolish enough to listen that the UM academics is vastly superior to others.

    What is it?

    All B1G Ten schools accept (uniformly, impartially, and without prejudice where earned) credit hours from all other B1G Ten schools. This means a credit earned at MSU is accepted at UM as if the student attended the UM class.

    The B1G Ten (nee Western Conference, nee Big Nine Conference) was established in 1896 as the Intercollegiate Conference of Faculty Representatives. Note: faculty, NOT athletics.

    The Big Ten, in 1957, founded the Committee on Institutional Cooperation (CIC). All schools, plus University of Chicago, are members... equal members.

    Maybe there are differences in one academic endeavor versus another at school versus school, but it is not in the classroom. Perhaps it has more to do with the kinds of research done...

    UM has a top-notch law program.
    MSU has the No. 1 nuclear physics graduate program.
    Just as examples.

    Go look.

    Oh, and one other little bit of trivia...
    The B1G Ten Censored UM in 1907 for failing to adhere to recruiting and eligibility rules in football. Seems the chUMps had been giving the conference the one finger salute for a decade and the members said enough. The censor consisted of all B1G Ten members BOYCOTTING UM in football until they decided to play by the rules. As a result of the censorship, UM left the conference and operated as an independent for 10 years.

    The censorship coincided with the formation of the NCAA (then Intercollegiate Athletic Association of the United States) and reformations driven by Theodore Roosevelt who almost shut it all down because of the injuries and deaths that were frequently occurring.

    The thugs Yost was hiring to play did not even enroll or attend class, which is what the censorship was based on.

    There's more... later.

  3. All excellent points by MSU76. Great history lesson! Nobody ever mentions the reason why UM left the conference back in the days of the very first electric washing machine.


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