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Saturday, June 9, 2012

Foster: "Dantonio Hates Michigan"

The following is an adaptation of a comment I posted in the reader comments for the Terry Foster Article in the Detroit News in response to some dUMb chUMps and some Spartan fans who are starting sound a little bit like the fans we call chUMps. In fairness, most of the reader comments were very positive and "Gung-Ho". I am just getting a little tired the chUMpster style comments and the Spartans who over play the 4-0 stuff as if it automatically means 5-0 and sounds chUMpish when commenting. We did not "turn the table" on them. MSU did not become a version of what UM "was" and the Wolverines are nothing like what the Spartans used to be. MSU became a much better version of itself. The chUMps had some bad years, but they will get good again - real good. It's just a matter of when. The difference is, MSU will "measure up". Just wait - talk of moving the MSU vs chUMps to the last game of the year will heat up if this intensity keeps up for 5-6 years and if the chUMps current final game determines even less than it has recently. Then, to preserve that "tradition" game, mainly made big in the 70s, we will hear talk of re-aligning the divisions, putting chUMps with Buck-nuts and opposite MSU, making the Spartans protected cross-division rivalry opponent, the chUMps... It pisses me off to even consider that it really could evolve that way...

Here's my reader comment followed by the article:
The right coach at the right place at the right time - it's about time! As for all the chUMps comments and some responding Spartans... Let's not become them. Any Spartan who thought the chUMps were going to stay so bad are the same fans who are somehow comfortable with a 17 point lead in the fourth quarter against them. They seem to rise from the dead all the time - even Ed Martin saved them from "death" by dying himself while in jail with all those dirty little secrets about the basketball program (it was worse than we will ever know) awaiting a trail in which many of the facts would have likely been revealed. They don't go away, but this time - neither will the Spartans. Any chUMps who think this is only a fluke - a flash in the pan are not seeing the reality. This is growing into a great two-way rivalry even though only one side openly treats it as such. Being in the same division will force chUMps to see it our way - it will just take them a while. An MSU trip to the Rose Bowl would accelerate the process. Like Coach D said when responding to the chUMp of chUMps, "It's not over. It will never be over here..." See a video of that Dantonio prophesy here.

JUNE 6, 2012

Mark Dantonio becomes heart of Spartans nation

Detroit -- It was Michigan State Day on Tuesday at the Detroit Economic Club, which meant the three most important Spartans shared the stage at the Westin Book Cadillac Hotel.
Basketball coach Tom Izzo was his usual humble and gregarious self.
Football coach Mark Dantonio looked like a general formulating a game plan in his head.
And athletic director Mark Hollis pounded the crowd with a madcap game of "Pardon the Interruption."
But the man who was king for a day was Dantonio.
Sure, Izzo has won a national title and has his team primed for a title run every season.
And Hollis is the master of innovation, setting college athletic marketing standards.
Dantonio? All he's done in this football-crazed state is take "little brother" and kick Michigan in the face.
"Both are role models, not only for us, but for the state of Michigan," Hollis said. "I have great confidence in the guys leading those programs. As those programs go, so does your department. It makes it easy as athletic director."
For the record, Izzo's teams have won seven Big Ten championships in recent history, Michigan has one.
And Dantonio's team has beaten Michigan four consecutive seasons, shared a Big Ten title and played in the inaugural Big Ten championship game.

Being a hater

Michigan State football used to have that "just happy to be here" attitude. It played second fiddle to Michigan and was a middle of the pack program in the Big Ten.
But Dantonio has changed the landscape.
And while Izzo respects Michigan, Dantonio hates Michigan.
He even took a shot at the program Tuesday when talking about the new football video screen installed at Spartan Stadium.
"Absolutely the biggest in the state," he said with a sly smile and sparkle in his eyes.
And, he's gotten into a war of words with the Wolverines. He took a jab at former Wolverines running back Mike Hart for his "little brother" comment.
He's made football at Michigan State relevant again.
And in turn, the Spartans are bigger, bolder, splashier and badder than ever.
"Michigan State is one of the premier universities in the country," Dantonio said. "And when you talk about great universities across this country, Michigan State should enter that conversation, athletically, as well. … People want to be the best at what they're doing and there's no question we strive to do that and we're striving to have a place among the country's elite."

Changing the culture

Michigan State ventured into Michigan country Tuesday, and made a big splash.
Spartans fans wore their green blazers and ties and walked around downtown Detroit as if they owned it.
The Spartans are no longer humble and silent.
When did this change occur?
The day Hollis hired their former assistant-turned Cincinnati coach to lead the charge.
He changed the culture and gave the Spartans a sense of entitlement and pride.
You saw it Tuesday.
Izzo got the most laughs.
Hollis was the most interesting because of his innovative ways.
And, Dantonio was Dantonio: Stoic, yet impactful.
"Football is very important to all of us," Izzo said. "I love what Mark stands for and I love what he has done for us."
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