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Saturday, April 14, 2012

Long Snapper Recruit is a Double Bonus

Adding a recruiting commitment from a long snapper is not typically viewed as any big deal, but how Dantonio played his hand is what makes him an effective gambler.

Consider that the Spartans latest recruit was committed to another BCS division team as a preferred walk on, and you might down grade the recruit even more. Here's the coach D difference:
1. This recruit counts toward as a 2012 commit - not impacting the remaining scholarship numbers of the currently forming recruiting class.
2. With Dantonio's emphasis on special teams and avoiding game-changing errors, note that this recruit has long snapper blood lines and is ranked as the 6th best long snapper in the country.
3. The team to which the recruit was previously committed before becoming a Spartan, will be on MSU's schedule for the entire duration of the recruit's eligibility; adding a needed specialty player to the Spartan's roster while leaving MSU's opponent short in that crucial position.
4. The team who lost this player to the Spartans, is not only in the Big Ten, but in MSU's division.
5. The team now left scrambling is the chUMps.

That's how you get the most value out of a played card - like winning a poker hand with a pair of twos.

More from M-Live:

Michigan State's scholarship offer lures Saline long snapper Taybor Pepper away from Michigan
Published: Saturday, April 14, 2012, 7:55 PM Updated: Saturday, April 14, 2012, 8:00 PM, Courtesy photoSaline High School long snapper Taybor Pepper has accepted a football scholarship offer from Michigan State.

EAST LANSING — Michigan State's football program has added another late member to its 2012 recruiting class, with Saline High School long snapper Taybor Pepper accepting a scholarship offer from the Spartans,according to's Allen Trieu.

Pepper reportedly had previously committed to Michigan, but as a preferred walk-on.

The second-generation long snapper was chronicled by's sister organization last month, when he fully intended to attend Michigan.

Pepper, whose father was a long snapper at Illinois, worked with long-snapping specialist Chris Rubio, with Rubio ranking Pepper as the sixth-best long snapper prospect in the country.

"Taybor is an extremely long athlete that has perfect form for a long snapper,” Rubio wrote in an email to "In having such exceptional form and utilizing his length, Taybor is able to generate an immense amount of speed on the ball."

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  1. Haven't read the main article yet, but these are good points, especially Point #1.


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