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Friday, July 10, 2020

Breaking Down the Paul Bunyan Rivalry (TOC)

From The Only Colors (Click Here for full article). We will get you started here, but be sure to head over to the full post. TOC is filled with rich Spartancentric content.
Does MSU really only beat “bad” UofM teams? (Spoiler alert: “No.”)

It’s rivalry week here at SB Nation, and in the Great Lakes State, there is only one rivalry that matters: Spartans vs. Wolverines. While this heated rivalry literally spans three centuries and all sports, the most visible way that these two great universities measure themselves is on the gridiron every fall, where they compete for the Paul Bunyan trophy.
As usual, Michigan alums and fans love to talk about this rivalry. One of the first things that they will mention how they don’t really consider it a rivalry at all. That’s weird, because, they sure love to give their opinion about MSU, pretty much all the time. I imagine that they talk a lot more about their other non-rivals, such as Western Michigan, Iowa, Purdue, Wisconsin, etc. when I am not around. Yeah, that must be it. They probably also talk about how they didn’t have a crush on that girl in the second grade whose pigtails they used to pull. Sure.
When the topic of the MSU-UofM football rivalry does come up, your average UofM fan is certain to point out several “facts.” First, they will probably mention the overall record in the rivalry, which (as they can recite from memory) UofM leads by a tally of 71-36-5. They will probably also mention their 11 total claimed National Titles and maybe something about the all-time number of wins.
On its face, that sounds amazing, unless you dig a little deeper.
Regarding the overall rivalry record, while the numbers... Continue reading at

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