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Friday, April 29, 2016


Everybody knows by now that Michigan State has out-performed and generally surpassed Michigan in football under Mark Dantonio, especially in the last five years. But what about the last decade? UM fans are always heralding history, telling us that MSU has "only been good recently", as if it's just a passing fad or a blip on the sports screen. So let's take a look at the two programs compared to each other over the last 10 years of college football.

For what it's worth, 10 years is the approximate maximum personal exposure a high school junior has to college sports. So the previous decade basically forms the opinions of most young athletes regarding possible schools of choice.

Wolverine fans are constantly bragging about their "all-time wins record", but to do so, they are actually counting rugby scrimmages from the late 1800s as "football". There's no way to stop those people, but we don't have to believe in their mythology. Anyway, a decade is definitely a significant measuring stick, so here we go.

UM Final AP Football Rank
  • 2015 - #12
  • 2014 - unranked
  • 2013 - unranked
  • 2012 - #24
  • 2011 - #12
  • 2010 - unranked
  • 2009 - unranked
  • 2008 - unranked
  • 2007 - #18
  • 2006 - #8

MSU Final AP Football Rank
  • 2015 - #6
  • 2014 - #5
  • 2013 - #3
  • 2012 - unranked
  • 2011 - #11
  • 2010 - #14
  • 2009 - unranked
  • 2008 - #24
  • 2007 - unranked
  • 2006 - unranked

The Spartans have been ranked by the AP six times
in the past decade, while the Wolverines have made
the Top 25 only five seasons out of the past ten.

Last 10 Football Games Between MSU and UM
2015:  MSU won by 4 (27-23)
2014:  MSU won by 24 (35-11)
2013:  MSU won by 23 (29-6)
2012:  UM won by 2 (12-10)
2011:  MSU won by 14 (28-14)
2010:  MSU won by 17 (34-17)
2009:  MSU won by 6 (26-20, OT)
2008:  MSU won by 14 (35-21)
2007:  UM won by 4 (28-24)
2006:  UM won by 18 (31-13)
  • Ten Game Record = MSU 7, UM 3
  • Most Lopsided Victory = MSU by 24 (2014)
  • Total Points = MSU 261, UM 183 (MSU +78 points)

Let's continue by summarizing the season results for each team over the past decade.


Michigan State Spartans
2006:  4-8, Tenth Place, no bowl
2007:  7-6, Seventh Place, bowl loss
2008:  9-4, Third Place, bowl loss
2009:  6-7, Sixth Place, bowl loss
2010:  11-2, First Place (B1G), bowl loss
2011:  11-3, First Place (division), Bowl Win
2012:  7-6, Fourth Place (division), Bowl Win
2013:  13-1, First Place (B1G)Rose Bowl Champion
2014:  11-2, Second Place (division), Cotton Bowl Champion
2015:  12-2, First Place (B1G), College Football Semi-Finalist

  • MSU TEN YEAR TOTAL = 91-41 (.689)
  • Current Bowl Games in a row = 9
  • Total Bowl Victories = 4
  • Biggest Bowl Win Streak = 4
  • League Championships = 3
  • Division Titles = 4

Michigan Wolverines
2006:  11-2, Second Place, bowl loss
2007:  9-4, Second Place, Bowl Win
2008:  3-9, Tenth Place, no bowl
2009:  5-7, Tenth Place, no bowl
2010:  7-6, Seventh Place, bowl loss
2011:  11-2, Second Place (division), Bowl Win
2012:  8-5, Second Place (division), bowl loss
2013:  7-6, Fifh Place (division), bowl loss
2014:  5-7, Fourth Place (division), no bowl
2015:  10-3, Third Place (division), Bowl Win

  • UM TEN YEAR TOTAL = 76-51 (.598)
  • Current Bowl Games in a row = 1
  • Total Bowl Victories = 3
  • Biggest Bowl Win Streak = 1
  • League Championships = 0
  • Division Titles = 0

We have looked at 10-year comparisons before between MSU and UM in Football, as well as Men's Basketball and Women's Basketball. In this section, we direct our focus to conference games only.* Here are the 10-year conference records for the two schools:

MSU 10-year B1G Conference record: 55-28 (.663)

2006: 1-7
2007: 3-5
2008: 6-2
2009: 4-4
2010: 7-1
2011: 7-2 (includes B1G Ten CCG)
2012: 3-5
2013: 9-0 (includes B1G Ten CCG)
2014: 7-1
2015: 8-1  (includes B1G Ten CCG)

  • Longest conference winning streak: 14 games
  • Five seasons with 7 or more conference wins

UM 10-year B1G Conference record: 43-37 (.534)

2006: 7-1
2007: 6-2
2008: 2-6
2009: 1-7
2010: 3-5
2011: 6-2
2012: 6-2
2013: 3-5
2014: 3-5
2015: 6-2

  • Longest conference winning streak: 7 games
  • One season with 7 or more conference wins

You can see from the summary above that over the last ten years of the series, MSU has taken charge, winning both big and small, both home and away. (Important to note that this "Ten-Year Picture" will not change much to favor UM the next couple of seasons, even if the Wolverines win the next two games, as the game count for the decade would remain 7-3, MSU.)

Mark Dantonio promised that MSU would "measure up"
when he took over the job in 2007, and the Spartans
have done so, by winning league championships,
division titles, and bowl games. 


 ****** The purpose of this web site is to expose the mainstream media bias that consistently portrays Michigan in a favorable light under any and all circumstances. We present current facts and review historical records to show that UM is not all they are cracked up to be. This process involves information that is negative by nature, offered as a counter-balance to the biased picture we all see on a regular basis in the mainstream media. These negative facts may involve Wolverine teams, players, coaches, administrators, and/or fans. We are here to prove that Michigan is NOT AS DIFFERENT as they want us all to believe.


  1. Totally off topic, and I can understand if this gets deleted:

    How the hell is Connor Cook still available after three rounds? Blows my mind. I may be biased, but I thought he should have been a first rounder. Never crossed my mind that he'd be available after two rounds let alone three. Someone is gonna get a steal at QB.

    1. Actually not off-topic at all. Cook went 3-0 versus Michigan, which is basically the subject of this article. This is exactly the type of online "banter" that the originator of this web site envisioned when he created it, so I'm sure he (RTG) will chime in at some point.

      Maybe beating UM isn't all that impressive anymore?

      Or maybe Cook's inability to operate the short and mid-range passing game makes him look like "another Matthew Stafford"...great arm for the long ball, but opponents say if they take that away, he struggles. Never could understand why Cook had so much trouble throwing short.

      The "Captain Thing" remains WAY OVERBLOWN. Cook was the fourth-place vote-getter on the MSU team, which makes him a Captain in any other program. But Mark Dantonio uses the fourth-captain spot to rotate more players into the role. Cook was in that fourth-captain spot more than any other player, so he was, in effect, the Fourth Captain.

      Maybe Cook will be the 198th player chosen, one spot ahead of where the NFL executives picked Tom Brady. Not trying the "deflate" the tone of this conversation, but the pro football people are trying to get the ball into the end-zone, not put a man on Mars. Think: Matt Millen.

    2. I don't ever want to think about Matt Millen... ever.

  2. As described during the ESPN hosted NFL draft spectacular, NFL GMs go with a high cost needs low risk mentality and if there is anything negative said or posted or written, regardless of source or authenticity or veracity or legitimacy, they will shy away. In other words, if it is said, they assume it is true or there is an undiscovered truth.

    So, it is very easy to create a conjecture that someone manufactured that non-issue over captaincy, as part of an unknown agenda. It could be someone was just out to hurt Cook by pushing him back to the middle of the draft and affecting is first paycheck (or even getting him so far back he is not drafted). The other possibility is that a team put that nonsense out so they could get a blue light special on Cook.

    Good call at 198. Turns out it was 100.


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