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Wednesday, February 11, 2015


Michigan Basketball Coach John Beilein sure gets a lot of love, especially these days, eh? He's credited with more than 700 career victories, even though he seems to have just arrived to the college basketball main stage. His reputation says he "always" has his teams competing at UM, even though he finished in the bottom half of the league his first three years, and didn't make the second weekend of the Big Dance until his sixth season on the job.

But the man can recruit, can't he? So the story goes, anyway. He doesn't just "rebuild", he "reloads", right? That's what everybody seems to think.

But take a look ahead, at the recruiting class of 2015, most of which was signed formally last November. You will find that Michigan has, actually, NOBODY COMING IN THAT CLASS. And by "nobody", we mean zero-zip-zilch, the empty-set. As Monty Python might say, Beilein's next recruiting class is "null and void", it's a "non-class".

Therefore, it should surprise nobody that the Michigan Men's Basketball recruiting Class of 2015 is ranked nowhere at all. The late-signing period opens up in a couple of months, but at this point, Beilein is flat-lining it for new players.

The UM Answer is that they will experience great player development next year and there will be a redshirt or two who becomes eligible and that may all become true. Time will tell.

But it's a good idea to spread your players around in all four classes, using red-shirt years to the program's advantage. Not to have seven (7) freshmen listed on their roster, as Michigan has right now in basketball.

Did you ever notice that John Beilein doesn't
have many seniors from year to year?
If so, you're right, he doesn't. 
(More on that in a future article.)

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