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Friday, January 2, 2015


We knew David Brandon wouldn't last at Michigan after the sky-writing stunt, but we didn't know who they would hire next. Turns out they broke their pattern of hiring hacks by hiring a Hackett instead.

This previously-unknown Blueblood met the press at his introduction by denying the "myth of the Michigan Man". He then proceeded to give his own definition of......(that's right, wait for it)......the "Michigan Man".

This episode was a couple of months back, making it "so 2014ish", but that's what really happened. Jim Hackett told everyone they should quit talking about - - - or even thinking about - - - the term "Michigan Man", then he gave a definition that would pretty much fit any person anywhere who is on the right track:

"If you cut open the soul of the people that are ‘Michigan Men,’ so to speak, you find first selflessness... The second thing is the ability to win, be competitive...The third thing is we want to continue the legacy of what has been great from a value standpoint. This place does not need to cut corners to win. You’ve got a lot of pride in the fact that you come here, you know you’re signing up to be the best in the world without any shenanigans going on.”

So Hackett's definition of a "Michigan Man" could include Arnold Palmer, Steve Jobs, Bruce Jenner, literally anybody who ever did things the right way. He is actually trying to co-opt the definition of "successful" to be part of the Michigan "brand". He spoke out of both sides of his mouth simultaneously, which, in actuality, is part of the true definition of the "Michigan Man".

Speaking of Michigan Men, what about former UM quarterback Tom Brady? He seems to meet the criteria, but he adds a new dimension to the picture, one of a potty-mouthed pretty-boy sore-loser type. Yes, that's it, that's a "Michigan Man"! In case you hadn't heard, parents all across America have been filing complaints against Brady to the Federal Communications Commission over his incessant use of the "F-word" on nationally-televised football games.

But Brady only spouts profanities when he's losing, so that makes him...a...real...MICHIGAN MAN.

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