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Wednesday, August 27, 2014

"COMPLETION" / OFF-SEASON FAN EXPERIENCE: MSUspartan76 Responds with Passion

Original Post:
Wow. What a strange college football off-season. In the past, there was a sense of unfinished business, the need to right the wrongs of the past season and even decades of MSU football (or chUMp mythology), the need to scratch and claw for progress - for that seat at the table, for respect. In the past, I eagerly awaited each ... Read More

ATownAndDown Responds HERE

MSUspartan76 Responds Below

It was not a strange off-season for me. The same old insults, derogatory comments, lack of respect for the program, and media flame fanning continued unabated. Almost everything I read had this team or that losing starters, but since they had high star count recruiting classes all would be well. MSU lost starters from a deep rotation and it was foredoomed they would become mediocre again. Same old disparagement towards the Spartans.

I was in E. Lansing for the Game of the Century. I was at MSU for Duffy's last season. I have been the loyal Spartan fan for all these decades, never once turning off a game or walking out on one. Regardless of how it went. I watched the Spartans play, watched the game dramas unfold, and when it was over, got ready for the next. What is different this year is the level of uncertainty is way down. The team is healthy, well rounded, and experienced. It will be a better team than last year. We can and should expect more success.

In the off season, I became more in tune with the nuances of recruiting, not less. I watched the spring game with great interest to see if I could spot an Achilles' heel. I watched and read all I could about the team and each time confidence grew.

When Coach Dantonio said, "Completion. Completion." he did not mean the job was done. He meant the goals set had been achieved. From there he has set new, loftier goals. "Why not us?" Why not, indeed. Completion of PHASE I. Yes. Now on to Phase II.

You left out part of the quote: "It's not over. It will never be over here." is always followed by "It's just starting." It's true. It's just starting. What is starting? Simple. The Phoenix of the lost Spartan dynasty. We need not go over history to see how the dynasty of the "Nation's Football Factory" crashed and burned. What we have now is ALL of the pieces in place to continue where it was left off 50 years ago. How can I state that so strongly? The culture has changed. 60 MINUTES OF NECESSARY TOUGHNESS. Sorry Coach Narduzzi, you had the right idea but you said it wrong.

That idea there could be a problem handling success is just another media attempt to fan the flames. The players have no problem handling success. Look at what those kids did during the off season. They raised the bar on strengh and conditioning. They went out and practice on their own more than any prior year. The Spartans know the way to handle success is with more success. And with that, continued success. It's not just 2013 that counts. Since Mark Dantonio arrived, MSU has broken and set dozens of records. There are more ahead of us, too.

If they lose, it will not be because of anything other than the other team beat them. Their psyche is fine. Excellent in fact.

My expectations, or more to the question of how the Spartans could exceed my expectations? My expectations are simple. The team will go into every game, be the best they can be, and give the 60 full minutes of necessary toughness.

What could get us into real bummer territory? The only bummer is if, for whatever reason, MSU no longer fields a team and that will never happen.

Yes. I most definitely am ready for some football.

Huzzah! It's just starting.

~ MSUspartan76

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