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Thursday, May 1, 2014


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How will the loss of key players impact MSU and UM men's basketball comparatively over the next 1-2 years?
I don't think the loss of players will impact these teams too much in the near future. For MSU, you knew AP and Appling were gone and if you doubted that Harris was going, then you were kidding yourself. Izzo knew what he was going to be dealing with in 2014-15 and beyond. While we can sit here and debate holes in the team (because there is no debate that it's not as intimidating as last years squad) I think Izzo has a plan and has yet to truly disappoint us.

As for U of M, Beilein is no dummy and I would guess that he knew bringing in guys like GRIII and McGary might mean they would have short careers in Ann Arbor. With the way Stauskas came on this year, I would assume that Beilein saw the potential for that development and the potential that he would be gone too. With guys like Walton and Irvin going into the offseason where you see a lot of players take a big step and a guy like Chatman coming in, while U of M won't be terribly strong in the post, Beilein should be strong at key positions that his successful teams have been strong at.

Who do you see as early departure candidates for MSU and UM in the future?
At this point, I don't know if I can name anyone player that would leave early for the NBA for either team. I think both teams have a lot of solid basketball players on their team and any one of them can take a big step forward to the point they can't help but go pro. Freshman are nearly impossible to predict because none are really seen as one and doners. But then again, I don't think I would have said that Stauskas would leave at this time last year and that guy took a big enough step that he might be a lottery pick.

How many years will Tom Izzo remain as MSU Head Coach? (A-Town answered this question prior to recent reports of Tom Izzo remaining at MSU.)

Tom Izzo will turn 60 during next season. I think his future will take one of three potential paths.

The first is he will win another NCAA Championship and then his days at MSU will be numbered (either leave for the NBA or just won't have the drive to amp it back up soon after that). The second path would be that an NBA job comes along that is the "right situation" for him and he has to take his shot. The final path is that he takes the program on a course that he gains the most joy out of coaching and just hands over the reigns to someone else when he is done having fun. Its tough to see a time table on anyone of those scenarios.

I guess one could argue that he is on the third path right now with the way his recruiting class has gone this year and with guys like Trice and Valentine leading the team now. Any way it plays out, Izzo has been a great coach and an even better asset to MSU. Any day beyond today is a bonus if you ask me.


Questions coming in future articles:
  • Is it your understanding that the Branden Dawson hand-vs-table incident occurred during a coach/player team "intervention" aimed at getting Dawson to bring his game up during the first Michigan week?
  • What's your opinion of the way the (so-called) "new foul rules" impacted the college basketball season?
  • Any word on what went down with Max Bullough? How do you think MSU and Max handled the aftermath of the suspension?
  • How do you think the quarterback position competition shook out this spring at MSU? How about UM?
  • Is there any reason to believe that Damion Terry might not be patient enough to wait until Connor Cook graduates? How do you think Dantonio will keep him sharp, hungry and ready while he waits?
  • What is your take on MSU's recruiting in football and men's basketball?

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